Microdermals or "surface anchors" "dermal anchors", or simply "anchors" - are a design of body jewellery that allows for a "single point" piercing.

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That is, a piercing that has only one visible end or bead. So for example, it allows one to place a single gemstone in a third eye position, and because of its design, no invasive procedure is required to implant it - it does not have the complexity of implantation of a transdermal implant (although it may have some of the complexity of removal).

They can be installed by an experienced piercer with the tip of a 2.0mm needle, making only 1 hole !In addition, its versatile nature makes it an excellent tool for unusual formations of piercings as of course any number may be placed.

Although a newer development within the piercing community the healing rate among clients has been overwhelming placement is possible almost anywhere. Microdermals allow the skin to move, pull & stretch, this free movement allows the body to heal with less scarring & healing times are drastically shorter than surface piercings or traditional piercings.

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Microdermals are made of 6AL4V ELI F-136 Implant Grade Titanium most commonly disks are used initially but larger varieties gems, spikes and balls can also be used and once healed smaller versions can also be used please click here to see some examples of ends.

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