I’ve been in the industry as a piercer since early 2012.  I found my place here with Industrial Strength. I’ve also dubbed myself the proud owner of gentle hands!

I’m a small person with colourful hair and a very calming bedside manner. If you would like to discuss anything World of Warcraft related during your service, I can 100% provide that at no additional cost.

I’m always striving to improve my skills and maintain a professional standard when providing my services. This means staying up to date with new techniques, keeping my workspace clean and hygienic, regular spore testing and record keeping, guiding you on the best jewellery options for your anatomy, and anything else that is going to give you the most enjoyable and safe service.

Make a booking with me Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday.
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Hayley Industrial strength sydney body piercingMy name is Hayley,  I started piercing in 2012 at the fresh age of 18 in the Sutherland shire (hobbit life). I always loved piercings and how a fresh piercing could make you feel awesome. I was getting piercings right from an (unreasonably) young age then next thing i knew i was learning to pierce after I finished high school. In my time I have performed near 10,000 piercings and i have had somewhere around 60 of my own over the years.

Im a perfectionist to a fault, always wanting to improve my craft, techniques and ideas. I like pretty ears and pretty jewellery.

Make a booking with me from Wednesday to Sunday

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DimitriMy passion for Body Piercing started with my first experience as a piercee, I loved the experience of getting pierced and the way it brought confidence to my image & I dreamt to do that for other people too.
Ever since that point I strived to become a professional Body Piercer, that journey began in 2015 & shortly after I joined the team at Industrial Strength.
There I was taught the art of Body Piercing by Rob Wommelsdorff.

I find it fascinating that there is such a vast amount of unique bodies out there in the world and its exciting getting to work with unique anatomy each day.

I'm always looking for new ways to improve my piercing skills and executing the best work I can, staying proactive in ensuring clients comfort and safety is very important to me too.

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danae broadway body piercing

Hey I’m Danae !

I have been in this wonderful industry since 2016 and actively piercing since then ! Body art and modification has always been a massive passion of mine from a young age, never to think I would be working in such high end shops !

I see the human body as a canvas, and I love adorning every single part possible. Whether it be a beautiful curated gold ear or face, a single statement piece, big gauge jewellery or more intimate personal piercings, I LOVE THEM ALL.

Through learning the human anatomy and exploring different techniques, I am able to create a moment in time and something personalised to suit that individual. Each day comes with a new idea or challenge and it forever excites me.

I am very privileged to be surrounded by an amazing team of piercers and counter staff, with excellence being our same goal. You can find me mostly at Broadway Tattoo and Body Piercing, and every Wednesday at Industrial Strength.

At present I work mostly at Broadway Tattoo and every Wednesday at Industrial Strength or make a booking here ->>>

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robI’ve been around the block a few times now. 

I started the journey of becoming a body piercer way back in the day in Scotland Edinburgh, when it was time to return home to Australia. I ended up back in my old home town of Canberra where I did have the opportunity to push the needle at a few places around town. 

My thirst for knowledge and drive to become a better piercer made it clear to me it was time to hit the road and I headed up the Hume highway to the big smoke of Sydney, after landing a place in the big smoke were I could push the needle some more. 

The drive and hunger still wasn’t fulfilled, so it was again time to pull up stumps and move on. 

This time around I found myself in a much better place somewhere I could learn more and grow as a piercer, I had landed a spot at Industrial Strength Australia the place which I was lucky enough to call home for almost forever. But once more there was an itch that needed to be satisfied and this time it was the bright lights of Broadway calling my name. 

In the 20years of pushing the needle and sling bling , if there’s one thing this job has taught me is that you never stop learning, this why I have attended APP conferences in the past and plan to attend more in the not to distant future. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope I will one day have the opportunity to meet you and help you with your piercing needs. 

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I am available by appointment only at King St and at other times I am available at Broadway Tattoo

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