We have been the Australasian distributor of Industrial Strength jewellery for over 20 years.

Providing the highest quality body jewellery to our ever-growing industry and helping studios bring premium Implant Grade jewellery to their clientele.

If you are interested in a wholesale account to start providing beautiful quality jewellery to your studio, don’t hesitate to email through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Implant Grade Body Jewellery

We only stock Industrial Strength jewellery for our initial piercings as it’s the number one choice for quality body jewellery by professional body piercers worldwide. Their partnership with Swarovski ensures that you get the highest quality stones available that will stay bright and vibrant throughout its wear. We also boast one of the largest collections of heavy gauge jewellery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Each piece is made from Ti-6Al-7Nb ASTM 1295 Implant Grade Titanium for the best biocompatibility and then polished to a flawless mirror finish to ensure safe wear in fresh piercings. Our jewellery can also be anodised to a wide variety of colours so you can add some extra flare.

Industrial Strength 7Nb Titanium

This particular alloy has been selected by Industrial Strength for the next generation of innovative implant grade jewellery, using two of our favourite materials - Titanium and Niobium. This alloy has been in clinical use since early 1986 and the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-7Nb are very similar to the Ti-6Al-4V alloy that has been used as a biomaterial for many years. The significant difference between the two alloys is the replacement of Vanadium for the highly biocompatible Niobium.

Solid Gold Body Jewellery

As well as our extensive range of Industrial Strength jewellery, we also carry the largest range of luxury Solid Gold jewellery in the Sydney region. Anything we don’t have in stock is available to order from your favourite brands BVLA, Alchemy Adornment, Anatometal, Body Gems and Buddha Jewellery Organics, as well as our very own in-house range of premium Solid Gold and Platinum rings.

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All of our gold jewellery is 14k / 18k Solid Gold.

We do not stock or recommend plated gold jewellery as it’s more susceptible to damage and can expose the underlying material which is generally of lesser quality, once exposed it’s likely to tarnishing due to acids and oils of our skin reacting with the poor quality metal underneath.

Plated gold jewellery is not safe for fresh or healing piercings.

Genuine Stones

We have a variety of Precious and Semi-Precious stones available within our gold range, if you’re after a particularly special piece we have Genuine Diamonds, Topaz and Sapphires as well as other gorgeous and unique stones like Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Quartz.  

Custom Orders

We have custom jewellery orders available all year round so you can get the exact piece you’ve been looking for.

We have trained staff available to help you create a unique piece for your setup.

If you’d like to order a piece of jewellery that we don’t have in stock, or create a custom unique piece for yourself, send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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