The art of ear stretching has a long history, with some anthropologists believing the practice originated in Ancient Egypt way back in the 4th Millennium BC. Today, though, stretching your ears is pretty commonplace in Western societies. At Industrial Strength, we’re so stoked to offer professional ear stretching services and a curated selection of plugs for our customers to choose from. 

We have a deep interest in the history and anthropology of piercing, which makes us incredibly passionate about what we do. Whether that’s offering ear stretcher advice or helping you find a plug that works for you, we’re extremely dedicated to the craft. Our team has many years of experience performing safe and comfortable ear stretching services for our customers. We understand that every appointment with us is different, so we’ll utilise various stretching techniques to ensure you’re more than chuffed with the result.

About Our Selection

Even if it’s your first time stretching, we can start off a number of piercings, such as ear lobes, at large gauges. We carry a wide selection of plugs crafted from wood, bone, steel, glass, and silicone. These are all available in many sizes and colours, so we’re sure you’ll find a plug you love. Browse our selection below, or if you’d prefer to explore your options in person, drop by our shop and we’d be more than happy to assist your needs. 

We also offer a vast range of other jewellery and piercing options, including earrings, nose rings, and septum pieces, so whatever you’re after, we’re positive that with Industrial Strength, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Ear Stretching: How it Works

Stretching your ears starts with a standard piercing. It’s important to make sure this piercing is completely healed before you attempt to stretch it, otherwise it could irritate your ear and encourage infection. We don’t want that. 

Once your lobe is healed and healthy, we’ll use a lubricated and sterile taper (a conical rod that increases in thickness) and slowly insert it into the piercing to gradually enlarge it. Once the taper is through, we’ll insert a plug to hold the new size in place. We recommend starting off small, using a 16 guage to ease discomfort and take strain off your piercing. It’s really that simple! If you’re after safe and professional ear stretching services in Sydney, book an appointment with one of our piercing experts today!