piercer larissa




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With her colourful hair and a very calming bedside manner, Larissa is the proud owner of gentle hands and is 100% here to discuss anything World of Warcraft related during your service at no additional cost.

Larissa has been in the industry as a piercer since early 2012 and is always striving to improve her skills and maintain a professional standard when providing her services. The bar is set high with hygiene standards and Larissa is here to gently guide you on the best jewellery options for your anatomy to provide you with the most enjoyable and safe service possible.



piercer teara




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An absolute advocate for white gold, Teara has been piercing since 2017 and loves a good upper/ high lobe placement. Her passion for piercing came the very moment she started getting pierced at 16!

Teara is a huge fan of the Tau from BVLA and appreciates its unique design with a top setting of a large solid stone and cluster of three smaller stones beneath which would compliment a helix or conch if your anatomy calls for it. 

Whether styling existing piercings to working towards new piercings, Teara loves making people feel amazing and make every moment enjoyable and special for everyone involved.



piercer hayley




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Meet Hayley, our skilled body piercer with a passion for creativity and precision. Since 2012, Hayley has been dedicated to delivering efficient, clean, and beautiful piercing experiences.

With a keen eye for detail, Hayley ensures that each procedure results in a stunning outcome.

Outside the piercing room, Hayley enjoys jewellery photography, capturing the beauty of each piece. 


piercer dimitri




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Dimitri’s passion for piercing started with his first experience as a piercee. The confidence in body image that Dimitiri receives from his piercings is something that he wishes for every single client to experience, too.

Under the mentorship of Rob Wommelsdorff, Dimitri’s piercing journey started in 2015 and he is always looking for new ways to improve his piercing skills with client comfort and safety at the forefront of his craft.



piercer jake



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